Successful catfish fishing.

With our innovative catfish baits you can easily catch more big catfish.

Catbaits Hooker in 2 sizes and 2 flavours

a composition specially adapted to the needs of large catfish makes the Catbaits Hooker extremely catchy baits, which do not dissolve and are a very attractive food for the large catfish even over 48 hours in the water.

Catbaits catfish boilies in 2 sizes

the Catbaits catfish boilies for supplementary feeding also remain attractive for days and bring the catfish to your feeding spot without dissolving.

In heavily fished waters, the large catfish in particular are increasingly feeding on food that was actually brought in for carp.

Many catfish anglers therefore already use pellets. Halibut pellets, for example, work quite well, but dissolve completely after a short time, especially in warm water. Often the bait and food is simply gone after 2-3 hours. Regular refeeding and rebaiting is then necessary.

This is where our catbaits come into play:
Catbaits are actually catfish boilies. Just like boilies for carp fishing, catfish boilies are cooked and made hard and decay-proof by coagulation. The composition of catbaits is specially adapted to the needs of catfish. Catbaits last several days on the hair and remain attractive until they are eaten.

The easy way to catch big catfish:


We recommend a simple rig, similar to the one used for carp fishing.
A strong wire hook of size 2 or larger is suitable as a hook.
The "hair" between the bait and the hook bend should be 3-5cm long.
The leader, with a carrying capacity of 40 lbs - 50lbs, is approx. 50 cm long.
All the components you need are also available here in the shop.


A sensible feeding area should be about 10 metres in diameter. Then simply spread 1-2 kg of Catbaits catfish boilies on it. The Catbaits hooker baited rig should be positioned on the edge of the feeding area facing the shore so that catfish feeding on the food do not come into contact with the line unnecessarily.